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Grouphug Reminds Us That Design is About Much More Than Tables & Chairs

Design Big.

We address big problems. Those problems that make you think “man, the world is so fucked up”. The type of problem that can’t possibly be solved by one person, law, or country. These complex problems will require a myriad of creative solutions and we’re taking a step in that direction.

We’re not into froofy design exhibits with themes like “wander” or “canvas”. We want designers to think bigger and use their creativity to tackle themes like “gun violence”, “nutrition”, and more.


Down with competitions! This collective is all about getting passionate designers on the same page, or in the same gallery, to discuss their ideas. Grouphug designers are not only encouraged to collaborate with each other, but also engage the public about their designs.



We create designs worth talking about. Every Grouphug exhibit tackles a big, controversial theme that is relevant. The public (not just the design world) care about “gun violence” or “obesity” or “sexual abuse”. So, we publicly exhibit our work to create productive discussions. The more people talking about solutions to big problems, the better.