“Power Me” Designers Announced!

I am excited to announce the 17 designers participating in the “Power Me” show this May! Yahoo! All of these submissions were really extraordinary. They are a collection of thought provoking and poetic concepts. I can’t wait to watch the concepts come to life for the show.

Stay tuned… we’ll be posting progress sketches and models from the designers as they start fleshing out their concepts for May.

Edmund Boey
Title: Broken & Repaired
Concept: A globe sculpture inspired by Kintsugi, a positive approach to our energy crisis that shows it’s not too late to repair & and salvage what we have left.

Chloe Varelidi
Title: OIKO (Greek word for house (Οίκος) and is root for the word ecology (Oικολογία))
Concept: A set of educational toys that connect to your home appliances. The first in the series is Blinkie, a robot cat that teaches kids how to save energy in their own room.

Christina Mayo
Title: Precious Plants
Concept: The vision of a dystopian future where plants are very precious and a vital source of healing and energy.

Damon Ahola
Title: Harvest
Concept: Series of devices that capture ambient energy that we exert everyday – from spinning car wheels to running shoes.


Dave Pinter
Title: Electric vehicle concept
Concept: A new category of electric vehicles; more nimble than a car and more stable than bicycle.


Hirumi Nanayakkara & Krystal Persaud
Title: Wobbler Charger
Concept: From chasing your dog, throwing your kid, or breakdancing — the Wobbler charger allows you to power your devices with every day activities.


Julian Mena
Title: TBD
Concept: Toy that generates electricity through play.


Liza Stark
Title: Wool Punk
Concept: Concept where in a dystopian society where friction in wool generated enough electricity to power machines…


Merica Kahn
Title: NIA
Concept: Eco-friendly knitwear. Styles are developed on WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machines, which means no seams for extra comfort.

Pratap Jayaram
Title: Flow
Concept: A connected door handle that automatically turns lights on/off as you enter/exit rooms.


Shane Strassburg, Ruth Tupe, and James Vanié
Title: UPcycle
Concept: An easy way for consumers to get rid of e-waste & be a part of a zero waste economy.


Spark Corps
Title: TBD
Concept: Public installation encouraging people to call their local representatives about environmental policies.


Nahin Shah & Luz Cabrera
Title: Visual Home Energy Meter
Concept: What happens when you leave the lights on or your appliances plugged in? This project aims to reimagine the home energy meter so home dwellers feel more connected to their power habits’ consequences.


And we are refining a few more concepts that will be added shortly.
We’ve also got a few tricks up our sleeves …. we’re currently talking to Slow Factory, Ecovative, & Bee’s Wraps about showcasing concepts at the show.



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