“Respect Me” Designers Announced!

I am excited to announce the 30+ designers participating in the “Respect Me” show this May!
All of these submissions were really thoughtful and mind-scratching. I can’t wait to watch the concepts come to life for the show.

Alireza Takook
Title: Life Starts Here Underwear
Concept: Embroidered underwear. All life started here, from a woman’s body, so don’t forget what important role I have.

Arjun Prabhakar and Pavithra Ravichandran
Title: Every Minute a Rape
Concept: An hourglass with a cause. The product aims to establish a complete rape awareness by the design of a sand clock that measures the passage of a minute delivering the message of women getting raped every one minute.

Beth Johnson & Tiziano Summo
Title: RAWRRR Women
Concept: Humorous campaign breaking down the barriers surrounding female identity, sexual well-being and social taboo.

Carolyn Van Arsdale & Sarah Melgen
Title: Interactive Display
Concept: An interactive display inspired by the stories of various women. A piece that highlights the
core over the fringe, we can help foster a sense of hope, solidarity, and unity among the participants and who they may be connected to in their real lives.

Colleen Schikowski & Jenny Yoo
Title: Solace
Concept: Redefining the perception and experience of the Birth Control Pill.

Dalal Elsheikh
Title: Feminist Flowcharts
Concept: To help both men and women navigate the minefields of consent, religion, catcalling and the stars.

Domka Spytek
Title: Cross Toys
Concept: A new take on toys that tackle gender stereotypes.

Hirumi Nanayakkara
Title: Defensive Clothing
Concept: Clothing concept for women who want to be left alone or protect their personal space. Think jacket and pants that can trigger spikes at a moments notice.

Joya Widney
Title: Dam & the Experiments.
Concept: Well-designed, thoughtful sex toys and objects for lesbians and LGBTQIA+

Karen MacKay, Amy Meginnes, & Kelly Early
Title: Interactive Storyboard about Pregnancy
Concept: interactive storyboard that highlights all the different experiences that a woman might go through when trying to have a baby.

Megha & Arnab
Title: Bollywood Inspired
Concept: Every day objects inspired by fearless heroines from Bollywood.

Miriam Larson
Title: Architecture Empowering Women
Concept: A citadel designed to be a safe haven for women.

Nahin Shah & Luz Cabrera
Title: Things that Boys can do but Girls can’t.
Concept: Children’s book that teaches both girls and boys about the gender inequality.

Nahin Shah
Title: SAFE
Concept: Cosmetics & toiletries designed to comfort and offer security to women going through domestic abuse.

Title: Dear Cat Callers
Concept: Photography series where a young woman takes selfies with people who cat call her to reverse the power and cultivate empathy.

Pamela Abreu
Title: Sex Ed
Concept: A collection of interactive objects that teach about pleasure, masturbation, and touch for young adults.

Rosie Morgan
Title: Our Love is Not Your Porn Poster
Concept: The appropriation of female homosexual desire in the mainstream media is more commonplace than ever; in marketing, publicity stunts and self-promotion particularly in the entertainment industry. It is supposedly an expression of liberality, but all too often these acts are presented through the lens of the Male Gaze, and the desire itself is objectified, and the women too are objectified.

Roya Ramezani
Title: Exponent Keyboard
Concept: Keyboards, either physical or on-screen, are the primary tools we use to convert our thoughts to words online, and Roya wanted to use that as a starting point for her interventions. Roya then speculated on how women might benefit from a product line in, when they are based on women’s cognitive advantages. In her speculated Utopian future, all Tech companies have implemented the new keyboard in their office spaces and it’s become women’s new weapon.

Shan Li & Yi Zeng
Title: Female Currency
Concept: The Jacksons, the Lincolns, and the Washingtons all connect to male and power. The image of a woman, is nowhere to be found. In my proposal, women are on the face of the U.S. dollar. They are confident, graceful, and as valuable as their male counterparts. They are Hillary Diane Rodham, Laura Lane Welch, Barbara Pierce,Anne Frances Robbins, Eleanor Rosalynn Smith, and Elizabeth Anne Bloomer. They are the most admired women in the past 40 years. Let the portrait of a woman be seen, her voice be heard, and her value be respected!

Shari Hazlett & Ashley Canino
Title: Brand.ish Kit
Concept: Packaged product kit with everything you need to #resist

Spark Corps
Title: Prompt Ball
Concept: An interactive game of catch that prompts players to talk honestly about how they feel about tough topics and situations.

Veronica Orecchia
Title: Sexual Harassment Reporting App
Concept: A new app idea for reporting sexual harassment & displaying infographics about how and where abuse happens.

Xumeng Mou + Jenna Witzleben
Title: Ember
Concept: More and more women today are expecting a more collaborative proposing and engagement experience, or even seeking a guide to proposing to their man. Ember is a collaborative experience planning service for progressive engagements.

Stay tuned… we’ll be posting progress sketches and models from the designers as they start fleshing out their concepts for May.



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