Designers: Micole Rondinone, Ariel Coello
Project type: Satirical product prototype
Grouphug show: Feed Me, 2015

America is addicted to sugar.

In a global market research study of 54 countries, the United States was the #1 consumer of sugar, averaging over 126 grams of sugar per person per day. The World Health Organization recommends 25 grams (6 teaspoons) as the daily serving of sugar for the average adult.

The reason for our over-the-top sugar consumption? Packaged foods.

Focusing on “healthy” packaged foods we aimed to expose their collective impact on a person’s daily sugar intake. Americans consume these foods on the go and instead of preparing meals at home. Even choosing the “healthiest” packaged options might result in consuming more than 3x the daily recommended serving of sugar, and often during breakfast!

“Addicted” raises the question of how much marketing has the ability to drive consumers’ perception of what is “healthy”.

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