F.A.S.E. (Flavor Augmenting Scent Emitters)

Designers: Oscar Salguero & Zack Saunders
Project type: 3D printed product prototypes
Grouphug show: Feed Me, 2015

It is the year 2085. By the mid-21st century, the last crop fields on Earth ceased to exist. Food was no longer attainable from nature. Scientists were forced to develop the ultimate synthetic 100% nutritional food: “sustenance gel”*.

This breakthrough came at a cost: no smell and no flavor was available. F.A.S.E. (flavor augmenting scent emitters) was developed to enhance the experience of tasting and smelling food.

Through F.A.S.E., people are able to pick and combine flavors previously unimaginable, all achieved by engaging the untapped potential of smell.* A single sustenance gel can adopt over 8 trillion* different tastes – the number of distinct scents a human nose can discern.

As an unforeseen byproduct of this innovation, people are also able to showcase their taste preferences as a sign of self expression. A new “foodie” culture has emerged.

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