Designer: Sarah Stein
Project type: Food startup company
Grouphug show: Feed Me, 2015

When we do something out of obligation, we deprive ourselves of choice. Choice is one of our most basic human rights. It asserts our willingness to live over the universe’s letting.

Making ice cream sandwiches is my way of asserting a “willingness to live”. The ability to create something with my own hands, something that I can pick up, taste, share, enjoy – and then do all over again.

This creation-consumption formula is really only successful when we create by choice, when we couple our willingness to live with our ability to live.

Unfortunately, ice cream sandwiches will not save the world. But they do represent a way of choosing in life. This is an endeavor to excite and encourage willingness. It is only a ripple, but how much more beautiful is a sea with a thousand small ripples than one giant wave.

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