Meat as a Side Dish

Designer: Belen Torio, Oscar de la Hera Gomez
Project type: Interactive installation with Arduino
Grouphug show: Feed Me, 2015

Thomas Jefferson famously considered meat as a side dish in his diet. Inspired by his approach, “Meat As A Side Dish” aims to inspire the American youth to become ethical carnivores. According to a statement by the US Department of Agriculture, America’s meat consumption has doubled since the 1990’s and is expected to double again by 2030.  At this rate, we would eventually need 3.5 planets to sustain America’s meat consumption alone.

This project asks the community to re-evaluate their perspectives about the future of the food industry and the ethical consequences it carries. Without care for these consequences and for our natural resources, we might all be eating in-vitro meat by 2030.

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