Violating Velveeta

Designers: John Pate Hamilton, Josef Abboud
Project type: Satirical product prototype
Grouphug show: Feed Me, 2015


Probably crystallized most clearly in Monty Python’s popularization of Spam as a ubiquitous, near-unquestionable edible mass, homogenous edible products have become utterly recognizable to our culture and yet simultaneously enjoy a special sort of innocence. Violating Velveeta re-contextualizes one such homogenous product by splitting it away from its familiar (and vaguely disconcerting) form. Violating Velveeta presents it as it is, with the ingredients one would need to replicate it at home. The packaging promises a product no different than what’s contained within, though separated into vials.

How could these common ingredients combine to form a gelatinous cheesy lozenge wrapped in foil? What happens in between? And why can’t it be replicated at home?

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