Wildgrid Compost Charger

Designers: Krystal Persaud, Hirumi Nanayakkara

Project type:Product prototype
Grouphug show: Feed Me, 2015

Wildgrid is a project about capturing untapped power around you. We get most of our electricity from plugging into a socket on the wall, but there is so much energy that is unused! Bacteria, heat, motion, and sunlight just to name a few. We want to create products that enable people to move their devices off the grid.

Our first focus is extracting power from the microbes in soil and compost. Our immediate goal is to use electricity in soil to charge cellular phones. We are currently researching the most efficient way to harvest electricity from organic matter like compost while maintaining a mobile, consumer product experience. The fun doesn’t stop there! We hope to generate enough renewable power to charge cell phones, laptops, homes, cities… and more.