Power Me

May 5-7, 2017
119 Ludlow Street
New York, NY

Opening night party Friday, May 5th at 6PM – late. RSVP here.
Open from 10am – 6pm on Saturday + Sunday.

“Power Me” is a design show about energy & the environment.
It feels like there is an unlimited supply of electricity, food, and materials available at our fingertips. Energy touches every aspect of our lives – from the meals we eat, the devices we love, and the clothes we wear. We challenged designers to think about your own personal energy use & choose a topic they are passionate about and address the issue.

The show features 15 creations by a collective of designers from across the country. The exhibited work ranges from market-ready products to futuristic product concepts. There will be demos at the opening party.

Here is a taste of the exhibit so far:
– A charger concept that allows you to power your devices with every day activities (from chasing your dog to twerking)
– The easiest way for consumers to get rid of e-waste
– A robot cat that teaches kids how to save energy in their own room
+ many more product concepts

Check out the full list of designers & projects included in “Power Me”.
Plus some teasers below…


The call for submissions has ended!
Here’s the brief with dates & details: GROUPHUG-PowerMe-Brief.pdf

OIKO by Chloe Varelidi

A set of educational toys that connect to your home appliances. The first in the series is Blinkie, a robot cat that teaches kids how to save energy in their own room.

Harvest by Damon Ahola

Series of devices that capture ambient energy that we exert everyday – from spinning car wheels to running shoes.

Upcycle by Shane Strassburg, Ruth Tupe, and James Vanié

Pick-up service that offers customers an easy way to get rid of or donate old or broken electronics.

Wildgrid Wobbler by Krystal Persaud & Hirumi Nanayakkara

From chasing your dog, throwing your kid, or breakdancing — the Wobbler charger allows you to power your devices with every day activities.

NIA by Merica Kahn

Eco-friendly knitwear. Styles are developed on WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machines, which means no seams for extra comfort.

Mycofoam™ by Ecovative

A styrofoam substitute made of mushrooms that can protect and hold product in place in packaging.

Call Me, Tweet Me, if you wanna Conserve Me by SparkCorps

Public installation encouraging people to call their local representatives about environmental policies.

Electric Food Delivery Vehicle By Dave Pinter

A new category of electric vehicles; more nimble than a car and more stable than bicycle.

PLUS many more…

but you’ve gotta come to the show to find out what they are ;)